FAQ – Nurses

Q. How does NurseStat work?

A. It’s simple. For nurses interested in working with NurseStat, we will process your application. Once this process is complete you will be “on staff” with us along with a pool of other nurses. When our clients have staffing needs, we will contact the pool of nurses to see if we can fill that need. You can take as many shifts as you want but there is no minimum amount of shifts that you have to take. Work when and as much as you want!!

Q. How will I get paid?

A. You will get paid on a weekly basis by mail.

Q. How many shifts so i have to work to remain in the system?

A. You are not required to work any minimum number of shifts to stay in our pool of nurses. work as many or as little as you want.

Q. Do I have to accept shifts?

A. You are not required to take any shifts that you do not want to take.

Q. Do you offer contracts at facilities?

A. Yes. On an as requested basis from our clients, we will draft a supplemental contract for a set number of shifts for a specific length of time. Normally a full time rotation for a 13 week period.

Q. How will I know what shifts are available?

A. You will be contacted with a list of needs on a weekly basis. In an imminent need situation you will be contacted immediately to see if you can fill a shift.